Michael Robinson - Playing in the Dark

Michael Robinson - Playing in the Dark:
Michael calls his music, "Roadhouse Blues and Roots Rock." That's exactly what he delivers on his new CD, Playing in the Dark. The bluesy first track "Full Time Lover" sets the stage for a wide-cultured collection of originals that does keep us true to our roots. I really like the unique and edgy “Wishful Thinking,” the soulful “Even Jesus Had the Blues” and the impressive improvisations during “Why Don’t You Say Goodbye.” The last track, “Heads You Win, Tails I Lose” is an upbeat celebration that finishes a traditional anthology of styles that I would like to see more of. Playing in the Dark should do very well. Best Wishes!

From Michael Robinson's promotional material:
Though the disc stays true to roots music, it features a wide range of styles and rhythms. From the Chicago-flavored "Full Time Lover" to the Bo Diddley beat of "Wishful Thinking" to the Chuck Berry Driven "If I Could Marry My Guitar," to the BB King-inspired "Even Jesus Had the Blues," each song expresses a unigue personality.

How to get this CD:
You can order this CD from his website. Also on the site, there is a 3 track sample CD currently available for free to California residents.

Tommy Strain - King of Peachtree Street

Tommy Strain - The King of Peachtree Street is a southern blues album that grabs you from the beginning and the end with his new CD, The King of Peachtree Street. This album is "a collection of recently written original songs, four blues standards and one written by Tommy and Doug Bare" If you haven't heard any of his material yet, browse over to his webpage and listen to his free demo track. You'll like what you hear!

This album is a well rounded selection of songs that feature Tommy's great guitar playing. It begins and ends very strongly with the title track, King of Peachtree Street, and an impressive Leon Russell cover, Palace of the King. The heart of the cd shows evidence that Tommy has listened to a few Led Zeppelin tracks in his day. The second track, Cole, is evidence of that. The contemporary blues track, Future Blues and the slower stuff like Same Old Blues makes this CD a very well rounded debut.

From Tommy Strain's promotional material:
Tommy Strain is a native of Atlanta, Georga. He puts to use his rich life of performing experience and modern electronic technology to provide a sound many of his audiences compare to a five piece group.

Tommy says, "I saw the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan Show and I knew from that moment what I was going to do with my life." This life has led him down many interesting paths:

  • A Billboard #3 hit with the group Starbuck (Moonlight Feels Right)
  • Touring the US and Europe with the internationally acclaimed group Mother's Finest.
  • Two tours of Saudi Arabia with the group Barabac
  • Performing at and being the musical host for Travis Tritt's wedding party / star studded jam session in Spring '97
  • Performing at the Centennial Gateway Pavilion in Centennial Park daily throughout the '96 Summer Olympic Games in Atlanta

You can purchase his album by ordering it from his webpage. CD's are $15 and that includes shipping to anywhere in the US.